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AutoZel.com, founded in 2017 in Dubai, is simply the fastest and easiest way to buy or sell used cars online. With millions of vehicles listed from thousands of dealers nationwide you are sure to find the perfect vehicle. Selling your vehicle? List it here, for free. It is our goal to offer the millions of shoppers on AutoZel.com the most efficient solution to connect buyers with new or used cars for sale.


  1. “Devil’s Advocate” – on large and medium-sized reviews (spr.ru, zoon.ru, rtdm-auto.ru) you can find such a picture – in the comments to a car company with an ambiguous reputation, an anonymous person appears who enters into a zealous debate with its critics – asks strange questions (“were you sure you were in the salon you are writing about?”), tries to make ridiculous excuses (“try to sell the car yourself, then claim it for the quality of services !!!”), even threatens (“I will find you!”) . Remember – this “protector” is the owner of this very company!

  2. “Black or White” – a car dealership, like any fairly large organization with a staff and experience with impressive money, cannot be exceptionally good, or only bad. The human factor, unforeseen circumstances, an elementary misunderstanding between the client and the seller, which occurred for objective reasons (a bad mood of the buyer, the atmosphere in the salon, etc.) can provoke misunderstanding, conflict, and an irresistible desire to leave negative feedback wherever possible! It is important to understand that real reviews of car dealerships will almost certainly be VARIOUS – there will be a sufficient number of both admired by the work of customer managers and disappointed in it for one reason or another.

  3. Yesterday morning I left my contact details on the site for a consultation. They didn’t call me back until noon. I independently went to the site in the contacts section and called +7914690-25-90, the young man did not introduce himself to me, he began to talk to me in a rude manner. I was very disappointed, because I thought that this company is one of the few that appreciates its customers. (Moreover, the request was for a non-budget car) As a result, I turned to another company.

  4. Picked up Corolla Axio, brought quickly. Special thanks to the managers for always being in touch. market price.

  5. after private traders outbid just fire). picked me pradika almost no run. consider new. I’m still blowing dust particles from the salon, so the skin will break. Respect to managers, I did not think that in 2 weeks I could find such a juicy offer. The price is also quite humane. five out of five

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