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European Auction Car Service http://xn--mgbaaaapd2bnnf3slacm2d.xn--ngbc5azd/en

European Auction Car Service Reviews (Euauservice reviews)

European Auction Car Service http://xn--mgbaaaapd2bnnf3slacm2d.xn--ngbc5azd/en


Website: http://سياراتمنالمزادات.شبكة/en

WhatsApp officehttps://wa.me/message/U37U4CLSRBPTB1

Telegram officehttps://t.me/euauservicesoffice

Telegram Director: https://t.me/euauser

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Telephone: +359 88 538 0057 +359 88 504 8519

Address: The companies are located in Bulgaria, Poland,Belgium,Slovakia,Czech Republic,Lithuania,Latvia and other countries on request.

About company:

European Auction Car Service – reviews and conditions for the sale of cars
Owning a real European car, albeit not from a showroom, but in excellent condition and at an attractive price, taking into account customs clearance, is a literal dream of millions of people.

Why should you contact the company?

We purchase cars in the name of the client from auctions in three categories:

Probefahrt – are test-drive cars from official dealers in Europe with a range of up to 8,000 kilometers.

Leased – used cars that are put up for auction minus payments from the lessee with a mileage limit of up to 80,000 km.

Werbung – are cars pasted over with advertising banners of an official dealer, which cost 1-2 years on advertising sites. Runs do not exceed 1-5 thousand km.

Cars in these three categories are sold 25% cheaper than the European market, in addition, the VAT refund is 19%, which gives us a total difference of 44% depending on the country of purchase of the car. Delivery to 28 countries. The possibility of online registration. Installment plan for 2 years.

36 responses to “European Auction Car Service Reviews (Euauservice reviews)”

  1. Satisfied with the condition of the car. Did not find any scratches and the interior is perfect.

  2. Bought a car on credit. I was explained in detail the schedule of payments and how to pay.

  3. Big fellows. Porsche 911 2021 3.8 began to delight from the first minute after the transfer. I recommend using this team.

  4. I am very pleased that they cooperate with official dealers throughout Europe. I have been a client of theirs for over two years.

  5. After choosing a car, they prepared a contract for me, I read it, paid an advance payment. The next day, the manager bought a Porsche Panamera for me. Delivered to Abu Dhabi in 15 days.

  6. Managers are professionals in their field, information on buying and redeeming a car is available without problems, documents are processed quickly, I transferred money and on the same day my car was bought

  7. Attention deserves well-organized logistics in the company, they do not pull with loading and sending to the owner. 16 days have passed since the date of contacting the company

  8. After choosing a car, they prepared a contract for me, I read it, paid an advance payment, and within two days I bought a Mercedes-Benz EQS580 from an auction. The car is received, the car is satisfied. Paid both the advance payment and other payments with the usdt cryptocurrency

  9. I sent them documents and an advance payment for a ransom of -30%, and paid the remaining amount as the car was in line to be loaded and sent to me. Delivery to the port of Jebel Ali and paperwork took 15 days from the moment we signed the contract.

  10. I signed a contract remotely, paid for the car with a SWIFT transfer, bought it out in 3 days, delivered it to the port of Jebel Ali in 14 days on a container ship.

  11. The firm was recommended by my business partner. Advance payment of 30% of the cost of the car, the rest when the car was loaded onto the ship and I was provided with documents for transporting my car from Europe!

  12. I live in the city of Muscat, took the car in 2 weeks as it was bought from the auction. The car is in superb condition. I recommend.

  13. I studied the conditions in the company and realized that they suit me, because for the purchase I had to transfer 30% of the advance payment, after which the company buys the car of my choice at an auction in Germany and delivers it to me in Saudi Arabia. Already before loading and sending me to the port of Jeddah, I paid the remaining amount for the car.

  14. Monitored the site, as soon as the car appeared, phoned, booked, concluded an agreement with the company and paid an advance payment for the purchase of a Mercedes-Benz G63 from the auction. The car is received, I am completely satisfied with the car.

  15. Satisfied with the price paid for the car. In Dubai, I would not buy for that kind of money. I bought myself a BMW X6,2021,3.0 Diesel for 45.000€

  16. Mercedes-Benz E 63, new car condition, with tinted windows, protective coating of the body. I signed a contract, paid 30% of the cost, delivery, and after 15 days I already picked up the car in the port of Jeddah

  17. I paid an advance payment of 30% and the rest upon receipt of a car on a container ship. For Mercedes-Benz GLE350 I paid 40.000 Euro

  18. Hi all. I made an installment payment of 40%, it was so convenient for me and I received the car within 15 days after the first payment.

  19. I live in the city of Abu Dhabi, I took the car 13 days after it was bought by managers

  20. I chose a car on their website, a lot of cars are for sale. I chose Land Rover Range Rover 2022. Managers brought it to the port of Jeddah in two weeks

  21. When the car left the container, I realized that this is my dream car and I have it thanks to the company!!

  22. The execution of the contract was smooth and fast. I paid 30% of the cost and after 15 days I took the car in the port of Jeddah, before loading it on the ship and sending it to me, I paid the remaining amount for the car. Everything went perfectly

  23. They sent a full photo report of the car before loading, they also sent transport documents for shipment to the port of Jebel Ali. The car has already been received.

  24. Thanks for my brand new car. Satisfied with your work, all the best! I paid for the car, delivery, auction fee and after 2 weeks the car was picked up at the port of Jebel Ali.

  25. The car was delivered a little longer than described on the website. instead of 2 weeks. About 2.5 weeks.

  26. I was most satisfied with the process. I bought a car from Europe for the first time, I was a little nervous, although the deal looked transparent. As a result, the car came, which I chose.

  27. Thank you very much for the work done. The car was purchased in Germany. The payment for the selected car was made using a SWIFT transfer.

  28. Received the car March 1st. Delivery to Riyadh took 2 weeks. I was satisfied with the quality of the car.

  29. Great company. Thanks for the Mercedes-Benz G63,2022,4.0 Benzin 2.650km. The condition of the car is excellent. Well saved!

  30. Two cars have already been bought through the company. One was purchased over a year ago. After buying the first car, there was no doubt that we would also take the second car through this company. And so, in March bought a second car. I recommend this company!

  31. Hello, I want to thank European Auction Car Service for delivering the car from Europe to UAE, exactly 2 weeks have passed since the conclusion of the contract and receipt of the car, handsome guys!

  32. I delivered a car through this company, it was the first experience of buying a car from abroad, the guys explained everything, 2 weeks of waiting and the car was received in the port of Jeddah

  33. I have already received several cars. I am satisfied with their services, the prices for support and responsibility are humane

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