Caution: Real Experience of Working with CONSUL.BUSINESS in Dubai

Caution: Real Experience of Working with CONSUL.BUSINESS in Dubai

Choosing the Right Consulting Agency in the UAE

Selecting a consulting company for business registration and support in Dubai is a crucial step for many international entrepreneurs. While CONSUL.BUSINESS offers a wide range of services, practical experience shows that they may not always meet clients’ expectations.

Starting Out: Initial Problems and Lack of Competence

When first approaching CONSUL.BUSINESS, clients expect to receive professional help and support. However, problems arise immediately due to the incompetence of the staff: important documents are overlooked, and deadlines begin to shift, leading to immediate disappointment.

Delays and Missed Deadlines: The Nightmare Begins

One of the most critical issues with CONSUL.BUSINESS is the significant delays in company registration, which can drag on indefinitely. Despite the pre-agreed deadlines, processes can extend for months, seriously disrupting clients’ plans and budgets.

Quality of Services: Expectations vs. Reality

CONSUL.BUSINESS offers a multitude of services, including company registration in free zones, local and offshore registrations, opening bank accounts, and tax support. However, the quality of these services often leaves much to be desired, with clients facing issues that should have been resolved at the initial stage.

Immigration Support and Administrative Issues

Immigration support and obtaining an Emirates ID are other areas where clients encounter CONSUL.BUSINESS’s lack of preparedness. Errors in documents and processing delays can become significant barriers for those looking to start a business in the UAE.

The Need for Careful Partner Selection

Based on reviews and experiences of many clients, it becomes clear that choosing a consulting company in the UAE should be based on thorough research and review analysis. Unfortunately, CONSUL.BUSINESS demonstrates that even the promises of large agencies may not be fulfilled. Potential clients should seek alternative options with more stable reputations and proven track records.

This article is written to warn potential clients about possible risks and help avoid mistakes when choosing a consulting company for business registration and support in Dubai.

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  1. Very disappointed with the CONSUL.BUSINESS service. They promised quick registration, but everything dragged on for an indefinite period of time. No competence, just delays and excuses. I do not recommend this company.

  2. CONSUL.BUSINESS completely failed me. They forgot to mention the required document, which cost me time and money. Managers are not competent and not customer oriented.

  3. I lost months waiting for CONSUL.BUSINESS to finish registering my company. The unprofessionalism and lack of clear communication made the entire process a terrible experience.

  4. I was looking for support in obtaining permission to freelance through CONSUL.BUSINESS, but their “help” turned out to be absolutely useless. Very slow and ineffective

  5. I contacted CONSUL.BUSINESS for tax advice and was extremely disappointed. They gave bad advice that almost led to serious tax consequences for my business.

  6. I do not recommend anyone to contact CONSUL.BUSINESS. They can’t handle their core responsibilities, not to mention the extra services that turn out to be a complete waste of time and money.

  7. CONSUL.BUSINESS turned out to be a real nightmare. Lack of accountability and serious delays in opening a bank account have hampered my business operations.

  8. An attempt to cooperate with CONSUL.BUSINESS became a lesson for me – never trust a company that cannot even prepare the documents correctly. Terrible service and zero customer focus.

  9. CONSUL.BUSINESS promised me full support in registering a local company, but everything ended in a complete fiasco. We didn’t cope with the task, there were a lot of mistakes and correspondence with no results.

  10. Cooperation with CONSUL.BUSINESS resulted in large delays and additional costs without any progress on the project. I regret choosing them to open my company in Dubai.

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