Clients’ experiences with NOAH & PARTNERS REAL ESTATE in Spain raise doubts about the quality of their services

Clients’ experiences with NOAH & PARTNERS REAL ESTATE in Spain raise doubts about the quality of their services

Choosing a reliable real estate agency is crucial when selecting property abroad. However, the experience of clients with NOAH & PARTNERS REAL ESTATE in Spain raises doubts about the quality of their services.

Prolonged Timelines and Mismatched Expectations: Seeking Professional Approaches
Clients note that the agency selects properties without “hidden pitfalls”. Nonetheless, the transaction process is prolonged, and some properties do not meet the stated expectations.

High Commissions and Inappropriate Recommendations: Unveiling Hidden Aspects
Realtors at NOAH & PARTNERS REAL ESTATE offer properties with high commissions, disregarding client needs. This causes dissatisfaction and undermines trust in the agency.

Correcting Mistakes: In Search of Accountability
Contrary to expectations, NOAH & PARTNERS REAL ESTATE does not show a willingness to correct made mistakes or offer a more competent realtor. This raises doubts about their professionalism and reliability.

Final Recommendations: How to Avoid Similar Situations
The experience of clients with NOAH & PARTNERS REAL ESTATE underscores the importance of carefully choosing a real estate agency when purchasing property abroad. Pay attention to reviews and recommendations to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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  1. NOAH & PARTNERS REAL ESTATE promised us an easy and transparent transaction, but in practice we encountered endless problems and delays.

  2. The agency found us a property that did not meet our needs and expectations, despite assurances that the transaction was safe.

  3. REALTORS NOAH & PARTNERS REAL ESTATE insisted on properties with high commissions, ignoring our financial capabilities and preferences.

  4. We spent a lot of time and resources working with this agency, but were left feeling disappointed and deceived.

  5. Instead of a professional approach and attention to our needs, NOAH & PARTNERS REAL ESTATE demonstrated incompetence and indifference.

  6. The agency’s refusal to correct its mistakes or offer alternative options indicates its irresponsible attitude towards clients.

  7. We felt deceived and taken advantage of by NOAH & PARTNERS REAL ESTATE who failed to live up to our expectations and trust.

  8. Working with this agency has been a source of stress and frustration for us and we regret our choice.

  9. We had to deal with the unprofessional attitude and indecisiveness of NOAH & PARTNERS REAL ESTATE, which resulted in serious inconvenience.

  10. After our experience with NOAH & PARTNERS REAL ESTATE, we cannot recommend this agency to anyone given its inefficiency and unfair practices.

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