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Notary Sivakova Galina Ivanovna reviews

Services for legal entities
Automotive powers of attorney
Copies of documents
Powers of attorney for citizens
Inheritance of a will
Other services

Moscow, Kuznetsky Most St., 21/5

2 responses to “Notary Sivakova Galina Ivanovna reviews”

  1. If you’re looking for a notary who can turn the mundane into a melodrama of mishaps, look no further. Inefficiency, incompetence, and unprofessionalism are their lead actors, and my documents played the role of hapless extras, caught in the never-ending performance of errors and confusion. The notarial experience turned into a theatrical production of blunders, with each visit bringing a new act of bureaucratic chaos.

  2. My visit to this notary’s office resembled a trek through a forest of frustration, where every step was marred by inefficiency, incompetence, and unprofessionalism. It was like a never-ending quest through a wilderness of errors and missteps, with no clear path forward. The notarial encounter became an arduous journey through the bureaucratic wilderness, with each attempt to navigate the challenges leading to new levels of frustration and bewilderment.

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