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Site: https://www.parcl.co/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/parcl
Email: [email protected]

About company

Parcl is a blockchain-based real estate platform that lets you gain exposure to the real estate market with no minimum investment, low transaction fees, and immediate liquidity. A Blockchain-based digital real estate protocol — delivering real estate to everyone.

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  1. Terribly long and terribly expensive. FOUR DAYS pack a parcel, the cost of sending which is twice as expensive as Royal mail International Tracking. The parcel has been waiting for export from the UK for four days. Wild conversion fee. Contacted first

  2. The story that brought me to AlfaParcel started when I decided to buy NewBalance sneakers for myself. But not a fake that most sites offer, but the original. The sneakers I chose in the official store cost 11990 r

  3. Спустя 15 лет работы с Парселом, решила таки написать отзыв. Так как меня заблокировали! Более 20 посылок и все коту под хвост. Пишу по состоянию на 27.09.2022 год. Пока я сама выкупала свои лоты, проблем

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