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About company

The world’s most secure trading platform

Join the fastest growing global cryptocurrency exchange with the lowest fees around.

The complete trading essentials, unified in a single platform

Integrated orders for spot and margin

Set take profit, stop loss, limit orders, and more advanced order types for spot and margin in one unified order interface with up to 5x leverage.

Deep liquidity and order book depth

Ranteis offers best-in-class liquidity and order book depth allowing large trades to be executed with the least slippage.

Fully customizable workspaces

Customize trading trading canvases with drag-and-drop modules such as multi-charts and trading data widgets.

Zero-fee trading

Unlock zero maker and taker spot trading fees by staking your coins in any invest plan.

Trade futures with leverage

Futures trading and leverage will be enabled across a variety of major pairs.

Social trading

Learn from profitable trading strategies and emulate successful traders with a record of proven profitability.

4 responses to “RANTEIS REVIEW”

  1. I am very pleased that I chose this particular broker and not any other, although I considered various options. Now it remains to collect some money in order to switch to a more profitable tariff plan, such opportunities are available. As for payment discipline, I have already checked it. The broker pays no questions asked.

  2. The office offers quite suitable conditions, no one bothers you to earn as much as you want. however, a minimum of skills and knowledge will still be useful to you, otherwise the probability of burnout is too high. I had those, so I won’t complain about anything, especially since all the conditions are tailored for beginners, they will tell you everything and show you. dare!

  3. Even though I don’t have that much experience in trading, I myself got screwed when I entrusted Ranteis with 1000 bucks. A friend invited me here, I thought, since he earns, then I have nothing to be afraid of. However, problems with the terminal and high commissions convinced me that the choice was wrong.

  4. I have a question for Ranteis customers. Tell us how to withdraw profit from here, and indeed, is it possible in the current realities? The fact is that a couple of months ago everything was fine, there were no issues with cashing out, and now, at first, payments began to be greatly delayed, and then they stopped partially approving them. Maybe the company’s service policy has changed, but I don’t know? Who faced? Tell me how to deal with the problem

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